Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Roof Maintenance information from Best Roofing of Ft Lauderdale

This impressed me so much, I had to share...



50,000 miles without an oil change?
Sounds dangerous. Going months and years without caring for your roof? It’s just as dangerous. Most people get a new roof and forget about it until it leaks or needs replacement. This reactive approach is like changing the oil in your car after you have engine problems. The damage has occurred and an expensive repair may be the only solution. There is a better approach; a Best Roofing Umbrella Maintenance program. A Best Roofing Maintenance team will regularly inspect your roof, and expertly repair minor problems before they become major issues.
Consider the following misconceptions:
A roof just sits there, nothing can happen to it
While a roof does “just sit there”, there are many forces acting upon it giving it a very dynamic nature. For example: the sun’s ultraviolet rays are breaking it down, the oppressive Florida heat is causing the roof to expand followed by cool afternoon showers causing it to contract. These forces cause minor defects, which compound if ignored, causing major roof problems.
I’m covered – I have a roofing warranty
A roofing warranty is a manufacturer’s assurance that a roof will last a specified time period under normal conditions with periodic maintenance. A common misconception is that long-term warranties are all-inclusive insurance policies designed to cover any roofing problem, regardless of the cause or circumstance.
Actually, roof warranties may not cover common leaks and may be considered void if proper maintenance is not performed.
My maintenance person can take care of it
Current roofing systems are complex and innovative using rubbers, plastics, modified asphalts and other synthetic materials. Maintenance people are not trained to understand the complexity of modern roofing systems. They may do more harm than good by using incompatible materials; and an improper repair also risks voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.
An “in-house” repair may cost an owner in three ways:
  1. The repair did not work and actually compounded the problem.
  2. The maintenance person repaired it using the wrong materials and voided the manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. The “repair” has to be undone then fixed properly.
Isn’t a roof maintenance program expensive?
You have a lot invested in your roof system – it is one of the major “assets” of your building. Major roof manufacturers agree that nothing is more critical to your roof’s long-term cost performance than establishing a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance. That’s why they require it in their warranties. Also, failure to perform and document regular roof maintenance can be the basis of your insurance carrier denying any payment even on a legitimate claim – say in the event of hurricane damage. We can protect your roof system for as little as 1% of its replacement value annually (depending your roof’s age and complexity). Contact us today for a free estimate – and safeguard your investment

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Started as a Hope....

And Finished as a Dream!!


The owners of this house had very definite ideas of what they dreamed their home could look like. Their tile roof took away from the look they were searching for.

To make their vision happen, we first had to remove the algae and dirt that was present on their tile roof. We do this by using RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner, with very low pressure. We understand that tile roofs should NEVER be treated the same as a driveway, with Sodium hypochlorite and high pressure. Many tile roofers have told us through the years that up to 80% of their premature tile roof replacements are due to harsh chemicals and high water pressure.

 After all repairs were completed by a reputable tile roofing contractor, we now had a clean slate to work with. The tile roof looked much nicer clean, however, the homeowners knew this was unsealed tile, and would not stay that way long in Florida's sub-tropic climate.

This is the last time the tile roof will look like this. Now we can show you the true magic of the
 Hydro-Sheen Tile Roof Glaze System

  Above, the tile roof has been cleaned with RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner, Hydro-Bonded, with two coats of custom color "Toro Perro Rojo". The tile is clean, the color has been restored, and looks much nicer. (Due to the different porosity of the roof tiles that were replaced, and the way they reflect the sun, the newly replaced  roof tiles are plainly visible. Another reason we advise to only use low pressure when cleaning a tile roof.)

However, the homeowners still felt that a single color tile roof did not do their home justice.


 And we think they were right.


The following pictures are of the finished design of this tile roof on this custom-built home.

"Toro Perro Rojo" with a custom copper accent color, 
all protected with Hydro-Shield Tile Roof Glaze.

Please note the dramatic difference the second color, known as a flash, gives this roof

And while this homeowner was happy with a single flash, it is also possible to add a third color, known as a double flash (not seen here).


And now their dream has become a reality.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner

After 30 years of working exclusively with clay and concrete tile roofs, we have found that one of the largest problems homeowners encounter is that they allow their tile roofs to be treated like their concrete driveway. High pressure and harsh chemicals can do serious damage to your tile roofing system. Roofing contractors have advised us that up to 80% of their premature tile roof replacements are directly related to the use of harsh chemicals (bleach) on the tile roof system. There is more to a tile roof installation then the actual roof tiles. Talk to your tile roofing contractor on how you should best protect your investment.

Monday, July 23, 2012

San Jose Blends

This tile roof is dirty and dated. The new owners were interested in updating the look of this waterfront home, however, they hesitated tearing off and replacing a structurally sound tile roof.


Before- tile roof dirty and unsealed.

Repairs were needed

New driveway pavers installed to update home

Pressure cleaned with RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner with low pressure. RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner is environmentally safe, and just as important, will not damage the very important underlayment system below the actual roof tiles. Tile Roofing contractors have long told this company that the corrosive nature of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) can lead to the premature failure of roof tile systems.

Two color San Jose Brown Blend

Two color San Jose Brown Blend from ground

Three color San Jose Brown Blend

Four color San Jose Brown Blend

Four color San Jose Brown Blend

The homeowners goal is to complement their newly installed driveway pavers. When a decision is made on these custom color blends, we shall post the finished pictures when this tile roof is completed.